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This site has been set up to help bring our community together online through fun, entertainment and learning, at a time of separation. There is a wealth of local and helpful information already on this website and we hope to be able to provide lots more as time goes on. Feel free to explore every part of it as often as you like and share the link with anyone you like. Also, please think of how you might be able to contribute to the fun, the entertainment and the learning we provide.

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To help stop the spread of coronavirus and safeguard the health of those at greatest risk, the Government has said we all need to stay at home, only leaving for limited reasons and not at all if we are in a high risk group. This is to reduce close contact with other people and help slow the spread of COVID19

Being asked to stay at home and stop having close contact with family and friends probably sounds difficult. You might be feeling worried, scared, sad or even a bit angry. That’s normal, but it’s important to know you’re not alone.

Local History for The Nine Glens

On the north-east coast of Ireland, you will find the majestic Glens of Antrim. As we all know these stunning Glens radiate from the Antrim plateau down to the coast.

As a result, we are blessed with a history like no other.  Consequently, it is no surprise that this history still has a huge impact on the modern villages and those who call it home.

  • Glenarm – valley of the army
  • Glencloy – valley of the dykes
  • Glenariffe – valley of the plough
  • Glenballyeamon – Edwardstown Glen
  • Glenaan – valley of the little fords
  • Glencorp – valley of the dead
  • Glendun – brown valley
  • Glenshesk – valley of the sedge
  • Glentaisie – named after Taisie, princess of Rathlin Island

Tons of resources and ideas

School may have closed for the foreseeable future, and all exams cancelled, but children still need to be educated and entertained – as well as reassured. Many schools plan to send work home and there are lots of free resources available via online platforms such as BBC Teach. But meanwhile, how do you even start home learning when this is all so new?

  • Keep to a routine
  • Give your child some autonomy
  • Let your child get bored
  • Limit tablets, phones and TV
  • Encourage reading every day
  • Don’t overdo it

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